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gettin' a shot at a deer," replied Meyers. "You choose a place where h

e'll be likely to pass, and put some salt in the hol

low of an old log, or in a h

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ole near the foot of a tree. Then you climb the tree and sit there and w

ait, and when the deer comes to lick the salt you ma

y safely unhitch the content

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s of your rifle, for they rarely observe anything higher than their he

ads." "There is one important fact which applies no

t only to moose-hunting but

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also to hunting in general, and which should not be forgotten," sa

id Bearie, who lay full length on his blanket with h

is chin resting on his hands


. "Never go to see what you have shot withou

t first reloading your gun. The animal may not be badly wounded, and may run away or may attack you." "If you happen to get sight of a buck, a doe and a fawn together, for they generally keep together at this time of the year," said Meyers, "aim at the doe first, for the buck and the fawn will both stay round; then aim at the buck, and you will probably secure all three." Several days passed. The party had not sighted anything in the way of large game, though they had discovered numerous evidences that the neighborhood was frequented by moose. One evening they had all returned to the camp save Colonel Durnford and Christie. Overcome by their exertions, the remainder

of the party, with the exception


  • of the Chief, had retired early and slept heavily. A low moaning wind had arisen and was sobbing round the camp. "What was that?" sa

  • id the Chief, rousing Bearie, who was on his feet in a moment. "It sounded like a shriek, followed by a strange laugh, like the laugh

  • of a maniac. Colonel Durnford and Christie have not returned yet, and I fear something has happened." They listened intently. Nothing

  • could be heard but the wind whistling through the half-naked branches of the trees and rustling the dead leaves that covered the grou

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